Social Studies

Compass Program

Elementary Social Studies programs explore complex concepts and ideas from civics, economics, geography and history, and develop social studies skills. Students look at issues and events from more than one perspective. They study the varied backgrounds of people living in Washington; the United States, including the study of American Indians; and the rest of the world. Students examine these cultures from the past and in the present and the impact they have had in shaping our contemporary society.

Atlas Program

In middle school, students develop reading, writing, analysis, and research skills within the context of state, national, and world civilizations. They gain a greater understanding of historical events and processes and develop an enhanced ability to analyze primary source documents and use the skills of causation, comparison, and continuity and change over time. Students build enduring understandings of the core concepts and ideas in civics, economics, geography, and history, and become more proficient in the skills and content required in the Washington State Social Studies Standards.

  • Washington State Social Studies Standards
  • 7th Grade, Semester One (World History) Curriculum: Odysseyware
  • 7th Grade, Semester Two (Washington History) Curriculum: Odysseyware
  • 8th Grade, American Studies Curriculum: Discovering Our Past: Odysseyware

High School

In high school, students continue to develop reading, writing, analysis and research skills within local, state, national, and global contexts. Students apply their learning from previous years and use the conceptual understandings they have developed in civics, economics, geography, and history to explore contemporary issues and master the skills and content required in the Washington State Social Studies Standards. Throughout high school, students following the traditional sequence complete courses in World History, US History, Civics, and Contemporary World Affairs.