My son Michael was having trouble with his last school but since he’s been at Excelsior he’s thrived so much. He loves his school and has not been in trouble there. He’s getting good grades and the extra time to get to work on engines and sewing he just loves it. Every school should try being like Excelsior. Thank You,


I am who I am today because of this school and the staff who worked their. I attended this school for 3 years. I especially thank Sara Schumacher who didn’t just work there but gave all her love time and dedication; here I am almost 20 years later and giving thanks to God for everything I went through and the people I met. Thank you Sara and thank you to my beloved Mama for never giving up on me, because today I am a woman who walks with her head high.
A. Olsen

The staff, counselors, and teachers are amazing and very friendly. They are very active in the community, and have been able to change so many lives for the better through their numerous programs!

They gave me my life back
K. Wilson

I graduated from EYC in 1997, (yes it’s been that long). I’m forever grateful and will always cherish the good people who helped me SO MUCH when I needed it the most. I probably never would have graduated or lived this long if it hadn’t been for this wonderful school especially for kids like I was. Bill and Sue, I especially will never forget you. Bill took me rafting for the first time and Sue always assured me I was okay. Also Bill, you read me Hinds Feet On High Places and that story has always kept me thinking, loving, and trying. I will never forget you, as long as I live

R. Smith