Our Beliefs

Vision: Your Future Begins HERE!

We Believe…

1. That building relationships is a foundation for our work.
2. That the safety of our students and staff is paramount.
3. In establishing a fun and positive culture for our students.
4. In allowing students to express their individuality.
5. In showing and modeling compassion and empathy.

Excelsior’s Vision for Excellence in schools

1. Meeting the individual needs of our students.
2. Building strong relationships with our stakeholders.
3. The necessary resources are available to students and teachers.
4. Students have a personalized education.
5. There is a positive and inspiring culture throughout our schools.

Excelsior Holistic School’s Daily Mission is to…

1. Support our students and parent’s needs.
2. Meet students where they are.
3. Show patience and empathy.
4. Make students feel supported.
5. Facilitate student growth.