December 2019 – Executive director of Education Aaron Chavez reported that compared to last year in their previous school our students here at Excelsior have seen a 64.3% reduction in student incidents and a 67% reduction in suspensions. This is a testament to our team and their ability to build relationships and create an engaging, specialized classroom experience. Our team works hard at meeting students where they are, and getting to know our students at a deep level. Having frequent goal setting conversations, talking about life, and teaching strategies for success is a big part of our schools’ focus.

Chavez also shared our new classroom is up and running! We recently hired Jim Kappelman and Trina Legnon and they are creating an innovative project-based classroom. They are working hard at helping student’s learn to rebuild go carts, work on small engines and complete other real world projects to help our students find their area’s of giftedness.

January 2020In-lander Article Regarding Steep reduction in Isolation & Restraint


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