Middle School – COMPASS Program

Excelsior’s 6th to 8th-grade students are empowered to use the MAP (My Academic Plan) and work with coaches and teachers to reach their goals.

Important Middle School Dates

End of First Quarter – Nov 1

Report Cards – Nov 12

End of First Semester – Jan 24

Report Cards – Feb. 4

Conferences – Feb 11-14

End of Third Quarter – Apr 1

Report Cards – Apr 16

End of Second Semester – June 11

Report Cards – June 17



In 7th and 8th grade ELA, students read and analyze a wide range of texts in genres including poetry, novels, plays, biographies, nonfiction narratives, speeches, and films. They also learn to write in forms including essays, personal narratives, argumentative texts such as editorials, and research papers. Each grade level is structured around a theme, such as “Challenges” or “Coming of Age.”


EHS middle school math courses continue to develop problem solvers who seek to understand and can communicate effectively. Students have opportunities to make connections to real-world contexts throughout the materials as most units include a real-world application lesson. In our consumable problem-based curriculum, students work on carefully crafted and sequenced mathematics problems to build on their number sense as they develop a foundational fluency for geometry, algebra, and statistics.


We will increase science literacy in middle school students to excite, engage, and prepare them for their high school science experiences.

Social Studies

In middle school, students develop reading, writing, analysis, and research skills within the context of state, national, and world civilizations. They gain a greater understanding of historical events and processes and develop an enhanced ability to analyze primary source documents and use the skills of causation, comparison, and continuity and change over time. Students build enduring understandings of the core concepts and ideas in civics, economics, geography, and history, and become more proficient in the skills and content required in the Washington State Social Studies Standards.

      • Washington State Social Studies Standards
      • 7th Grade, Semester One (World History) Curriculum: Odysseyware
      • 7th Grade, Semester Two (Washington History) Curriculum: Odysseyware
      • 8th Grade, American Studies Curriculum: Discovering Our Past: Odysseyware